CSU will conduct election of officers for Campus Student Council and University Student Council Federation using iVote


These are the schedule of activities for the election.

A. Schedule for Campus Student Council Election

*September 3 to 6 – Filing of candidacy for all positions

*September 7 – Screening and Online interview

*September 8- Announcement of Official Candidates

*September 9 to 10- Campaign Period

*September 7- Submission of the list of voters (students) to the MIS Central (c/o Registrar & OSDW)

*September 9- Validation of the Voters of the different campuses (c/o Registrar & OSDW)

*September 11 (8:00 AM – 12 midnight) – CSC Election via iVote (c/o OSDW Central)

*September 12,10:00 AM- Announcement of Result  

B. Schedule for the University Student Council Federation

*September 14 – Submission of the initial list of voters (30 students) to the MIS Central

*September 16- Validation of the Voters of the different campuses (20 randomly selected students from the 30-initial list)

*September 18, 2020 (8:00 AM – 12 midnight)- USCF Election

*September 19, 2020 10:00 AM-Announcement of Result


A. The CSC President and Vice-President of the Campus Student Council:
1. Must be a bona fide student of the University duly certified by the Certificate of Enrollment released by their respective campus registrar;
2. Must be a third year for a four-year course, fourth year for a five-year course or fifth year for a six-year course;
3. Must have at least two (2) years of residency in the University;
4. Should be carrying a normal load (no failing grade, no incomplete grades, no dropped subjects);
5. Must possess a general weighted average of at least 85%. Certification of grades shall be issued and duly signed by the registrar to be submitted to the Electoral Board for further evaluation;
6. Must have held any key position in the College, Campus or University Student Council for at least two (2) years.
7. Must be of good moral character as attested to in certification issued by the Guidance Counselor from the University unit; and
8. Must submit a duly signed brief and honest report of his/ her leadership achievements and leadership training to the panel of interviewer which shall be conducted upon filling of candidacy to determine his/her background in all aspects of leadership involvement.

The Senator of the Campus Student Council:
1. Must be a bona fide student of the University and must carry a normal load. The Registrar’s Office shall provide certification from the University unit;
2. Must not have any failing grade, incomplete grades and no dropped subjects.
3. He must possess a general weighted average of at least 85%. Certification of grades shall be submitted to the Electoral Board for further evaluation;
4. Must be of good moral character as certified by the Guidance Counselor from the University unit; and
5. Must have held a key position for at least one (1) year.



CSU-Sanchez Mira is very glad to inform you of the ENLISTMENT and ENROLLMENT protocol for both incoming first-year students and all old students of any year level beginning June 15, 2020, until August 24, 2020.
1. The following method can be utilized to facilitate your enlistment and enrollment at CSU-Sanchez Mira campus. You may choose the most convenient and applicable mode depending on the prevailing circumstance in your respective localities.
You may access the website (to be posted soon) for online enrollment. You may also send e-mails to the addresses of the campus officials provided in the directory on the image above.

You may call or send SMS to the College Deans whose contact numbers are indicated below for you to be enlisted in their respective colleges.

You may simply fill out the enrollment forms which will be made available in the parish churches in your respective municipalities. After completing the form, submit it to the in-charge at the parish church, and representatives from CSU-SM will be setting a schedule for the collection of the accomplished forms for processing.

2. Please note that for INCOMING or FIRST-TIME ENROLLEES, the submission of documentary requirements is necessary to complete your enrollment procedure. FAILURE TO SUBMIT THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS AS REQUIRED BY CHED AND UNIVERSITY RULES WILL RESULT IN AN INVALIDATION OF YOUR ENROLLMENT. In this case, when circumstances allow, you may send your authorized representatives to fill-out forms and to submit requirements in the Campus COMPLYING WITH ALL PROTOCOLS and rules of IATF and the university.

The following are the required documents for first-time enrollees:
•Three (3) Long Brown Envelopes
•Four (4) Copies of Recent 2X2 ID Picture (Taken Within the Last 3 Months)
•Admission Test Result Certification (Original + 2 Photocopies)
•NSO/PSA Birth Certificate (Original or Certified True Copy + 2 Photocopies)
•Form 138/Senior High School Report Card (Original + 2 Photocopies)
•Good Moral Certificate (Original + 2 Photocopies)
•Filled Out Student Profile Sheet (provided by CSU) (Original + 2 Photocopies)
•Photocopy of Marriage Certificate for Married Students (3 Copies)

•Three (3) Long Brown Envelopes
•CSU-CAT Result
•Honorable Dismissal
•Copy of Grades/TOR
•Good Moral Certificate
•Birth Certificate from PSA

3. Classes for the first semester will be largely through distance-education. Your deans will orient you properly as will your department chairs and professors.

4. UNIFAST will continue to make available free TUITION and FREE MISCELLANEOUS fees for all first-courses in the University. First courses include all baccalaureate courses and Veterinary Medicine. Law, Medicine and Graduate School are NOT first courses, and enrollees in these programs must pay necessary fees.


(Source : VPAF Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino’s Enrollment Advisory/6-7-2020/)

For more information and assistance, please feel free to contact the Campus Executive Officer or any of the campus officials indicated on the image above. We will be very much willing to help you become part of the CSU family here at Sanchez Mira, Cagayan.

CSU postpones conduct of CSU-CAT for 2nd batch registrants

In order to protect everyone from the threat of COVID-19, the scheduled College Admission Test on March 29, 2020 for the 221 registered examinees in CSU-Sanchez Mira campus is hereby postponed to an indefinite date. This is in accordance with the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. We will be posting an update as soon as we have set the new schedule. Stay at home and be safe everyone.

Cascading of 2020 Campus Targets

The cascading of 2020 Campus Targets is held on Feb. 4, 2020 at the Conference Hall of CSU- Sanchez Mira with all Campus Designated Officials and Heads of Offices in the campus.

This activity is spearheaded by Dr. Narcitas B. Ouano, the Campus Executive Officer and Dr. Ronald Cachero, the Campus Planning Officer.

In her opening message, CEO Ouano challenged the deans to achieve higher accomplishments in terms of the board performance and employability of their graduates.

The targets cascaded to campus officials were the result of the university strategic planning conducted in Baguio City last January 15-17, 2020 which was attended by the Campus Executive Officer, the Planning Officer and the Chief of Staff of CSU-SM.

Exit Conference of AACCUP Level II Visit

AACCUP Survey Team ends 3 -day visit through an exit conference.

After the survey visit, the AACCUP Survey Team leaves their impressions and recommendations for the different programs of the campus.
The Campus Executive Officer, Dr. Narcitas Ouano gives her words of acknowledgements to the accreditors and the whole CSU-Sanchez Mira task force during the exit conference.