CSU-SM Business Resources


A. Technological Resources:

Sanchez Mira   is  known  for  its   application  of  the   technology   in  Nata de  Coco making, Coco- Vinegar  Making, Geo-textile making,Coco- Novelty   items    making , Vermi Composting and   Mushroom Production

 Nata   de  coco, sweetened or  pickled   can be   one  of the   top chosen  pasalubong  produced  by CSU- Sanchez Mira.

The   edible   mushroom produced by the  campus.                                                                

Rice Production for the last cropping this year.

Rented Canteen Cottages                      


Concentrated Calamansi Juice

B. Human Resources: Profile of   Personnel  Involved   in the   Campus   Business

Name of   Employees

Sex Age Educational   Attainment Area of Assignment Status   of   Employment
Dr. Remelyn C. Bautista F 35 Ph.D. Campus Business Coordinator Permanent
Dr. Janet O. Bagasol F   Ph.D.  Campus  Food   Services Coordinator Permanent
Mr. Arthur   C. Lucero M 46 BSAgri/Crop Science Nagbaranganan Project Coordinator Permanent
Mr. Fame   A. Bagasol M 58 MS Agri Nagbaranganan Project Asst. Coordinator Permanent
Mr. Rommel   Peregrino M   BS Agri Animal   Project/ Vermi Compost Permanent
Ms. Nelia   P. Ilac F   BSBiology IGE Staff Contractual
Roman Bonoan M 27 BS Agri/Crop Science Rice   Production Job Order
Phil Andrew  M 28 HS Grad Rice  Production Job Order
Percival   Bautista M 26 HS Grad Rice   Production Job Order
Arnel   Payas M 26 HS Grad Cacao Production Job Order
Mark Rogie   Gamino M   College   Undergrad High Impact Project/Beekeeping Contractual
Benson Casil M   BS Agri Mushroom Production Contractual
Remar Tapec M   BS Agri Piggery  Job Order
Elmer   Navarro M   BS Crim Vermi Composting Job Order
Maricel   Sabuyan F   College   Undergdrad Coco- Food  Products Job Order

C. Income Generating Enterprises   on:

 1. Instruction

1.      College of Hospitality   Industry   Management Bakery:  This is only starting this December although it has tried last November    2017.

2.      Library– The minimal income comes from the printing of papers, documents and the use of the photocopier.

3.      College of Information and Computing Sciences- Splash. This is a training service of the college which also generates income for the college and the campus.

4.       College of Teacher   Education Let Review. The college conducts a review once in a  year so income is on annual basis.

5.      College of Criminal Justice   Board Review. College of Industrial Technology -Repair and Training Services.

6.      College of Agriculture   Crop production.

2. Research and Extension

  1. Production: These include rice production, piggery, mushroom, vermi-compost and sheep and goat production.
  2. Facilities: The rentals   of the   infra like the   canteen, the   food court   and   the   library   facilities like   the   internet   printing   / photocopier   also serve  as  income   generating   project of  the  
  3. Other:       Personal   Enhancement Cash   Loan and   Loan   Interest