PSCS: An Answer to Booming Power Demand

K. M. Marcaida · April 17th, 2017

In this realm of technological advancements, we are already used to accomplishing tasks in just a split second. One click and we’re in, one snap and we’re already connected, as quick and easy as that.

The 21st century offers us a diversity of gadgets, home appliances, and other stuffs to suit our comforts. However, as we go on enjoying the pleasures of these devices, we overlook unto our consumption of one of the vital needs of our generation- electricity.

Due to our unawareness and ignorance on the importance of electricity, our electrical demand increases causing power shortage. One of the bad practices that we must inhibit is leaving out our gadgets and appliances unattended. Yes, they are not in use but still they are consuming electricity. These scenario commonly happens inside our classroom. After our classes, we leave the ceiling fans and lights open. Although researchers have already developed other devices and applications to save electrical energy, some of which are too costly to afford.

This urged Mr. Michael A. Manuel, one of the Faculty Members of the College of Industrial Technology, to design and fabricate an energy saving power control system which he named “that is proven in efficiently switching off the power system of the room when no one is currently staying inside.

The device’s feature includes a motion sensor called PIR Sensor which can detect human body movement within the scale of a given range. Basically, when the sensor detects to motion inside the classroom the power system will automatically be shut off depending on the delay time set to turn off the power system. However, as the sensor detects a motion, it will automatically turn the power system on. The sensitivity sensor of the device’s range can be pre-determined.

It has three (3) stages, the power supply stage, the sensor stage and the sensor relay stage. It can carry a maximum load of 4400 watts. The device’s detection range is 7 meters in 120 degree-angle view. You don’t have to worry for the cost because for as low as 1,000 Php., you can now have one on your own.

This technological innovation will not only cater your needs in saving money regarding your high electrical bills but it will benefit “electrically operated” establishments such as schools and offices. Nonetheless, like any other inventions, the device is open for improvements as for future developers to expand.

The researcher, highly recommended the improvement of the device’s sensor range. It should be of longer range for better performance and effectiveness.