History   of   the   Cagayan   State   University at   Sanchez Mira

Researched   by : Janelyn   I. Agbayani and Ronald L. Cachero


          Then   Minister, Juan Ponce   Enrile crafted   the   Charter    for   the   establishment   of   state   universities   and    by  virtue    of    Presidential Decree   1436   signed   by the   late   President Ferdinand   E. Marcos on June 11, 1978, Cagayan   State   University   was born.  Sanchez Mira   Rural   and   Vocational   School   was one   of   the   administrative sites merged   with   the Cagayan Valley College of Arts and Trades at Tuguegarao, the Northern Luzon State College of Agriculture at Piat, the Aparri Institute of Technology, the Cagayan Valley Agricultural College at Lallo, the Bukig National Agricultural and Technical School in Aparri West, the Western Cagayan School of Arts and Trades at Lasam and the Gonzaga National Agricultural and Technical School. It is this fact that explains the present constellation of campuses of the Cagayan State University: Andrews (Caritan), Piat, Lasam, Lallo, Aparri, Sanchez Mira, and Gonzaga. 

            Cagayan   State   University   at   Sanchez Mira   started   from   being   the   Sanchez Mira High School in the Municipality of Sanchez Mira and was   converted   and   known   to be   the Sanchez Mira National Rural and Vocational High School by virtue   of   the    Republic Act No. 2398 signed  in the   Congress   of   the   Philippines   on June   21, 1959. Then  Congressman  of the 2nd District, Hon. Benjamin T. Ligot passed said bill   in  Congress  which later became R.A. 2398, converting Sanchez Mira High School into Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational School that   was housed in a 101-hectares of land in Sitio Nagbaranganan, a 2-kilometer walk from the National Highway  .  Said   Nagbaranganan CSU     old site    according   to   informants has been   always   described   as    “Little  Baguio”   where   the  cottages   and   infrastructures   were   put up   for   the    increasing   population of  students. According to   one  of   the   living   informants, Mr. Saturnino S. Rivera, 82 years old  one   of   the   retired   faculty members   and  was   a student   in  the   Sanchez Mira   High School and   the then Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational   School , then Cagayan   State   University, now, the   101 hectre   land was   bounded   to the   West  by its  dam  , to the east Bianzon and Ruiz property owners,  Southwest  by the  Prinsesa  family until Dingin, North bound by the  Eugenio Cabuyadao property and  Northwest by the  Sacramed .  Mr. Saturnino   Rivera quoted   the late   CRVS Administrator, Mr. Simeon L. Cadiz, relating the   history   of some lots donated   by some benefactors to the Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational   School, however, the deed of donation as proof were burned during the insurgencies in 1984. In addition, lot 10,600 with a total area of 16, 767 m2 more or less under the name of the late Gregorio Mangosing was   purchased or  paid  by hogs  by the administration of the Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational   School and the said area of land now  served as   Riceland  for  the   Agriculture course    laboratories.  Seven years after, the enrolment increased that led   to its fast pace of development.

          In 1974, an Agricultural Technician 2-year post-Secondary Curriculum was opened by authority of the Director of Vocational Education and it clicked with the big number of enrollees in 1976. Henceforth, two courses namely: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education were offered and became the attraction of the school.

          In 1978, by virtue of P.D. 1436, Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational School was converted, particularly its College Department as one of the nine satellite campuses of the Cagayan State University.

          On July 24, 1985, however, the course of development in the campus was hindered by an armed confrontation between the NPA rebels and the military, which resulted to a bloody combat. The incident sent every school inhabitant to town. The Municipal Mayor of Sanchez Mira then offered the use of the Municipal Gymnasium until the situation normalized. The school was then branded as the “University without a Campus”. This condition prevailed for long years; however, the academic development of the students was not stymied because of the presence of the intelligent, dedicated and loyal teachers.

          On May 1992, a 6.9-hectare lot along the Maharlika Highway was donated for the new site of the CSU-Sanchez Mira Campus. Meanwhile, the course offerings in the new campus broadened and the enrolment came pouring in, not only students from the 2nd District of Cagayan but also to the neighboring provinces of Apayao and Ilocos Norte.

          Records of   Cagayan  State   University  show   that the campus   was   led   by   anointed   men and   women chosen  who left   their   marks and   contribution by time and  their  leadership  qualifications. Due   to  insurgency, files   to manifest   the   period   of   leadership   of   the   late   Campus   Administrators : Mr. Simeon Cadiz,  Sr, Mr.  Jovencio  A. Bayag,  Mr. Jesus   Fonacier   were not   found in the   electronic   retrievable   system. Dr. Patricio P. Unday   was  the    Campus   Dean   then, when   the   new or   current    CSU-SM site   was   immensely developed   from the   Municipal   gymnasium in  1996. From    word of   mouth sources  though, years   remembered   are indicated   herewith: 

Mr. Simeon Cadiz- 1985-1986

Campus   Administrator Benjamin Bayag-1986- 1989

Campus   Dean Jesus Fonacier- 1989 – 1991

Campus   Dean Eugenio Tolentino, 1991- 1992

Campus   Dean, Patricio P. Unday, Ph.D., 1992-   1999

Campus   Dean Romeo  Culasing, Ph.D.-  Special Order   No. 99-71, June  7,  1999. Office   of  the   University President, Dr. Armando B. Cortes, Ph.D.

 Campus Dean Pedro R. Tugade, Ph.D.- Special   Order No. 03- 096, October   18, 2003, Office   of   the   President, Officer   In Charge Dr. Eleuterio  C. de Leon, Ph.D.

 Campus Dean Dominador   Tamayao, Ph.D., Special   Order  No. 04-069. September   23, 2004, Office   of  the   University   President, Dr. Roger   P. Perez, Ph.D.

 CEO Aurelio C. Caldez,  Ph.D,  Special    Order  No. OP- 08- 030, February 6, 2008, Office   of   the   University   President  Roger   P. Perez

 CEO Lina M. Garan, DPA, Special   Order No. 09-152.June 4, 2009. Office   of  the   University   President,Dr. Roger   P. Perez

Special   Order   No.OP-12-099.April 23, 2012,Office   of  the   University   President Officer   -in-Charge, Dr. Evelyn L. Pascua, Ph.D. CESO

Special   Order  No. OP- 12- 214, July 17, 2012Office  of  the   University President   Officer   in- Charge, Atty. Honorato M. Carag, Jr.

CEO Froilan  A . Pacris, Jr., Ph.D.  , Special   Order   No. OP- 14- 263, June 6, 2014- May 2015, Office   of   the   University   President, Dr.  Romeo   R. Quilang, Ph.D.

CEO Narcitas Biado- Ouano, Ph.D , Special Order, OP-5003-2016-11-043, November   9, 2016.  Office   of   the   University   President, Urdujah A. Tejada, Ph.D., CESO II

CEONarcitas Biado- Ouano, Ph.D , Special   Order, OP5005-SO 2019-05-395-A, May 24, 2019,Office   of   the   University   President, Urdujah A. Tejada, Ph.D., CESO II

CEO Narcitas  Biado- Ouano, Ph.D Special   Order OP 5005-SO-2021- 05-190, May 20, 2021. ,Office   of   the   University   President, Urdujah A. Tejada, Ph.D., CESO II

Campus   Overseer Rodel  Francisco T.  Alegado, Ph.D., Special   Order OP-5005-SO-2022-02-125,  Office   of  the   University   President,   Urdujah G. Alvarado, PhD., CESO II

CEO Rodel   Francisco T.Alegado, Ph.D., Special   Order OP5005-S0-2022-05-350, May 30, 2022 to   present,

          Today, CSU-Sanchez Mira continues to offer Quality Education, making it a University that transforms the lives of every individual  from all walks of life-into the best they can be# jandia



 RA  2398, PD 1436, CSU History   written by Father   Ranhilio C. Aquino, CSU   Webpage


All Special   Orders   mentioned   filed  or researched   from the   Current   Record  Officers   of  the   Cagayan   State   University at Sanchez Mira   Campus , Mrs. Catalina   B.  Talosig and  the University   Records   Officer Mr. Arjay   Pando