A. Technological Resources:

Sanchez Mira is known for its application of the technology in Nata de Coco making, Coco- Vinegar Making, Geo-textile making, Coco- Novelty items making Venni Composting  and Mushroom Production

Nata de coco, sweetened or pickled can be one of the top chosen pasalubong produced by CSU- Sanchez Mira.

The edible mushroom produced by the campus.

Rice Production for the last cropping this year.

Rented Canteen Cottages

Concentrated Calamansi Juice

C. Income Generating Enterprises on:


  1. College of Hospitality Industry Management Bakery: Thisis only starting this December although it has tried last November 2017.
  2. Library– The minimal income comes from the printing of papers, document and the use of the photocopier.
  3. College of Information and Computing Sciences- Splash. This is a training service of the college which also generates income for the college and the campus.
  4. College of Teacher Education Let Review. The college conducts a review once in a year so income is on annualbasis.
  5. College of Criminal Justice Board Review. College of Industrial Technology -Repair and Training Services.
  6. College of Agriculture Crop production.