LGU Sanchez Mira hosts int’l summit on ‘sawi’, migratory raptors; CSU joins Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia in PH’s campaign on conservation, preservation

Highlighting the global concern for the preservation of sawi (grey-faced buzzard) and migratory raptors as nation’s natural heritage, the Local Government Unit of Sanchez Mira (LGU-SM) hosted the 4th International Summit on Grey-faced Buzzard and Migratory Raptors on March 23-25, 2024 participated by conservationists from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and representatives from various non-government organizations in the country as well as the Cagayan State University (CSU).
The three-day summit featured lectures on topics ‘Residents Meet Migrants: Convergence of Raptors as Flagship for Nature Conservation in the Philippines’, ‘Gaps in Raptor Research in the Philippines’, and ‘Northern Tip of Luzon, Philippines: A Nexus of the East Asian Migration Flyway for GFB and other Raptor Species’ discussed by Dr. Jayson Ibañez of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), Dr. Carmela Española of the University of the Philippines, and Michael Calaramo of the Northwestern University.
During the grand welcome for the dignitaries, Mayor Abraham Bagasin of LGU-SM emphasized the continuous strengthening of laws to protect the grey-faced buzzards and migratory birds that are on the verge of extinction. These include improvement of law enforcement and updated ordinances, banning the hunting, handling, selling, and buying of the grey-faced buzzard, the revival of the educational lectures on grey-faced buzzard, and the heightening of online awareness.
In his solidarity message, Dr. Arthur G. Ibañez, officer-in-charge of CSU, encouraged everyone to cooperate in the conservation of wildlife, especially the endangered species of birds.
“For the grey-faced buzzard, it is not just a bird, it is a testament to our shared responsibility towards the natural world. Let us weave a narrative of renewal where the grey-faced buzzard flight serves as a symbol of resilience and resurgence,” Dr. Ibañez said.
Moreover, representatives presented their country reports on grey-faced buzzards, followed by an open forum that furtherly tackled various ways how they can conserve and preserve them.
During the preliminaries on the 23rd, LGU-SM, in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 2, DTI Cagayan, and the Department of Tourism presented the Bazaar Opening which showcased local-made and coconut-based products.
The summit concluded with the handover ceremony of the Philippines to Japan with Mayor Bagasin and Mayor Akira Moyotama of Uken, Japan.