The novel seal of the Cagayan State University is an escutcheon in bordure of gules (Maroon). The shield is superimposed with a golden field, which is the map of Cagayan, its service area and the province most- dear to the institution. On top of the shield is the name of the institution, the CAGAYAN STATE UNIVERSITY.

     Common charges are also emphasized depicting its being an educational institution: the book which is the source of knowledge, skills, values and the fountain of life and the torch indicative of the university being the source of light and human enlightenment in the whole province. The eight rays bearing from the flame represent the eight (8) strong and effervescent campuses of the university system.

        Below the indomitable ornaments is the motto AD OPTIMUM EDUCANS, a Latin term which means Educating for the Best. The Roman numeral at the bottom of the shield is the year when the institution was granted the University title.