CTE Aces defends title as sociocultural champ

The Touchstone 2022

           Wearing blue for gold, the College of Teacher Education defended their crown as champions for the sociocultural competitions during the Aloft in Sports Year 20 held on November 11, 2022 at Cagayan State University – Sanchez Mira.

         CTE Aces garnered 25 gold medals and 15 silver medals, making them the indisputable champions among the eight colleges of CSU-Sanchez Mira Campus.

         With gold medals for essay writing, pagsulat ng sanaysay, dagliang talumpati, storytelling, and pagkukuwento and a silver in extemporaneous speaking, CTE Aces swept the literary arts category.

          Showcasing their performing skills, CTE Aces won first place both in radio drama and short, sweet plays under performing arts.

         Meanwhile, the teamwork of the contemporary dance group of CTE enabled them to secure the first spot in the dance category excluding the part in which they failed to enter the top three for the Pop Dance competition.

         CTE Aces also won a gold in painting for the Visual Arts category..

       The College of Criminal Justice Education and the College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy had a close fight for the second spot with only one gold difference, having nine and eight gold medals, respectively.

        Moreover, the fourth spot was also closely battled between the College of Engineering with three golds and the College of Industrial Technology with two golds.

        The sixth spot was shared the sixth spot was shared by the College of Hospitality Management with thirteen silver and one bronze, the College of Information and Computing Sciences with two silver and one bronze, and the College of Agriculture bagging a total of one silver and twelve gold.

        The determination of CTE Aces to consistently stay on top of the outstanding sociocultural competitions makes them unbeatable and irreplaceable as champions.